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Currently PLS PHARMA markets generic medicinal products from various therapeutic areas.

• Anastrozole, Film Coated tablets, 1mg
• Isosorbide Dinitrate, Concentrate for solution for injection, 1mg/ml
• Ephedrine, Solution for injection, 50mg/ml
• Exemestane, Film Coated tablets, 25mg
• Morphine, Solution for injection, 10mg/ml

The main therapeutic areas that we currently focus on are:

- Aromatase inhibitors
- Antimetabolites

- Beta-adrenergic agonists
- Antianginals

Anaesthesia and Pain management
- Narcotic pain relievers

A PLS Pharma also seeks for it pipeline medicinal products that are within the following areas:

Nephrology and Urology
Orphan diseases
Infectious agents

A complete list of these medicinal products is available, only for health professionals on INFARMED’s website address: https://extranet.infarmed.pt/INFOMED-fo

Know more about Generic Medicines.

What is a Generic Medicine?
A Generic Medicine is a medicinal product with the same active substance, pharmaceutical form and dosage and with the same therapeutic indication as the original, branded medicine, which served as a reference. These medicines, since they do not include costs related to the patent, are presented to you at a lower cost, which, in Portugal, is situated within a range of 20-35% (www.infarmed.pt) lower than the price of the reference medicinal product.
How to recognize a Generic Medicine?
Which are the advantages of Generic Medicines?