About Us

PLS Pharma is a Pharmaceutical Company founded with 100% Portuguese capital and resources.
Our Professionals have acquired extensive experience over the past 30 years in the various areas of the pharmaceutical industry. We present the health market with therapeutic solutions and alternatives to reference medicinal products that can provide patients and health care professional with quality and efficient therapies, at the best price.
Our mission is to provide the pharmaceutical sector with therapies that are economically sounder and with the same high degree of quality and safety in comparison to the reference therapies.


What we do

The vast experience pf our professionals allow us to guarantee a service of excellence in the development and follow-up of all the procedures in the chain network of our medicinal products.
Alongside we prepare and deal with all the bureaucratic and regulatory procedures needed to licence and launch new medicines.

Management and Provision of Stock 
Adequate distribution Channel
Personalized and dedicated attendance

Management of POs e Overstock


Our Products

Our product portfolio reflects PLS Pharma´s flexibility, since it covers both the hospital and ambulatory markets:
• Anastrozole
• Isosorbide Dinitrate
• Ephedrine
• Exemestane
• Morphine
Additionally, we have a vast pipeline of products under registration.

Our Values

At PLS Pharma we are committed to our values:

- Trust
- Know How
- Quality
- Innovation
- Integrity
- Proximity

Where we are

PLS Pharma, Produtos Farmacêuticos, Lda
Estr. Paço de Arcos
Edifício Espaço, 9º - 2ºF”
2770-218 Paço de Arcos

Phone: + 351 210 996 271 (National Fixed Network)

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